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Loren would then appear in Bikini Beach (singing "Love's a Secret Weapon"), and Pajama Party ("Among the Young"). [1] An article regarding the release of Pajama Party described "the amazingly-voiced Donna Loren, seventeen-year-old songstress who made her debut in Muscle Beach Party and who makes a bigger impression each time she sings. She will be seen and heard next in Beach Blanket Bingo ". [25] She appeared in the series in the fifth film Beach Blanket Bingo in 1965, performing "It Only Hurts When I Cry", which some regard as her "signature tune". [5] The film resulted in Loren's first album, Beach Blanket Bingo . Loren told Adam Gerace of the recording of the album: "I worked for 14 hours straight. The album was completed in that session". [5] The album was released on Capitol Records (which Loren had signed with in 1964), produced by David Axelrod , and arranged and conducted by H. B. Barnum .

Donna's career began when she was five years old and won second prize on an amateur show. From there she was featured on Playhouse 90 and on stage at the Moulon Rouge. When she was eight she performed regularly on the live radio country-western music show "Sqeakin' Deacon" with James Burton (then 17), who was playing with Rick Nelson on Ozzie & Harriet. Her first big break came in 1955 (age 8) when she did her first commercial, singing a… read more

You will definitely need some information ready for verification especially if you are calling in behalf of someone else like your spouse. Also get a pen and paper ready beside you so you could write down any reference numbers, addresses or contact person details in case it will be given to you.

Donna Loren - Call MeDonna Loren - Call MeDonna Loren - Call MeDonna Loren - Call Me